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Epiq Global law firm taken offline by ransomware attack

“Nothing is up to date”, a person familiar with the company allegedly said. Epiq Global, ...

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Ransomware Attackers Use Your Cloud Backups Against You

By Lawrence Abrams Backups are one the most, if not the most, important defense against ransomware, ...

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Vivartia – MIG : Hit by Ransomware and paid 75.000 Euro in Bitcoins

Vivartia, one of MIG‘s most important food companies, has recently been hacked, with dozens of ...

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Ransomware Facts and Figures

Cybercriminals have started focusing their efforts on businesses during Q1 2019, with consumer threat detections ...

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Mastercard Jumps Into the Anti-Ransomware Fight by Joining Europol’s NoMoreRansom Initiative

Mastercard Inc. has become the first payment card network to join the NoMoreRansom initiative sponsored by Europol. NoMoreRansom is a support-services organization ...

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Shade Ransomware, also known as Troldesh

During the first half of 2019, the Shade Ransomware (also known as Troldesh) was the ...

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