Make Disaster Recovery Painless

Cost-effective business continuity and IT Disaster Recovery tailored to your requirements

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Acronis AnyData Engine

Powered by Acronis AnyData Engine – the backup technology proven in hundreds of thousands of deployments of Acronis Backup and Acronis Backup Advanced.


Acronis Instant Restore

Shrink recovery times significantly in the event of a single server failure. Start any physical or virtual Windows or Linux system directly from the backup storage on your existing Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere ESXi host – without moving data.

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Automated testing

Automated testing allows to regularly test your protected serves in a virtual private environment. Activate up to 3 servers at any time, or entire environment every 8 weeks.

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Protect any Environment

Avoid data loss by protecting data on virtual, physical, and cloud-based servers, PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices, Office 365 mailboxes, and corporate websites. Backups are stored in multiple locations, including any local or cloud storage of your choice.

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Push-button recovery

Push-button recovery of entire data centers with automated runbooks designed in an intuitive, graphical recovery plans editor. No more hand-written recovery plans!

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Disaster recovery orchestration

Speed up and simplify failover of multiple machines to the cloud recovery site with the runbooks feature. It ensures more efficient operations by automating failover and testing and enables system recovery in the right order, thereby addressing interdependencies between applications on different machines.

Turn-key DRaaS Solution

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Disaster recovery in minutes

Adding disaster recovery capabilities to Acronis Backup Cloud only takes a matter of minutes. The solutions utilize the same agent, web console, replication, backup storage, and cloud infrastructure. The only additional component required on the customer’s side is a virtual VPN appliance, which makes the setup as quick and easy as possible.


Integration and Automation

Add virtual machines in the cloud using a set of Windows or Linux VM templates to host replicas of the applications with built-in replication technology.

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No upfront costs

Charges for compute resources apply only in the event of a production failover or failover testing. If you already back up your machines with Acronis Backup Cloud and store the backups in our cloud, the only additional, on-going cost is for hot disaster recovery storage.

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Acronis Active Protection

Prevent system unavailability caused by 99.99 percent of ransomware with a unique, proactive technology at work. Any files impacted before an attack was deflected are automatically restored.

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Simple management

Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud and Acronis Backup Cloud are managed from a single console and use the same backup agent. Managing just one solution, you can perform daily and periodic operations more quickly and easily. Meanwhile, if your team is already familiar with the Acronis Backup Cloud interface, it requires virtually no training to use Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud.

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Extension of local networks

Extend your corporate network to the managed recovery site, providing transparent remote access to recovery servers in failover mode. Our VPN virtual appliance and network parameter auto-discovery capabilities make it simple.

Secure, Efficient, Cost Effective & Simple

Acronis Disaster Recovery solutions reliably and quickly recover your servers or entire data centers without your organization needing to invest in expensive availability solutions or additional staff.

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Enterprise DR capabilities with no investments in high-end high availability systems.

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Your data is safe and secure with reliable failover to Acronis Cloud or to local appliance.

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Get your critical workloads back to running in mere minutes easy.

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Secure From The Latest Threats

Our integrated AI-powered defense detects and stops ransomware in real time and automatically restores affected files. Last year it successfully defeated 400,000+ attacks. It also prevents cryptomining malware from stealing system resources, slowing performance, and injecting other malware.

For 2020, we’ve enhanced it to stop illicit service termination attacks and improved its effectiveness with new machine learning models. Want to know why a process was flagged as malicious? Now you’ll get the reason.

Your questions, our answers

What is Acronis Disaster Recovery ?

Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud is an easy to use, turn-key and self-service solution which is built on top of Acronis Backup Cloud. You can protect your company’s workloads by instantly spinning up IT systems in the managed cloud recovery site and recover them to any similar or dissimilar hardware.

How disaster recovery works?

The notion of disaster recovery is based on two concepts – failover and failback. Failover is the process of switching to a redundant or standby physical or virtual machine upon the failure of the previously active physical machine. In turn, failback is the process of restoring operations to a primary physical machine after they have been shifted to a secondary machine during failover. Disaster Recovery includes the replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers to provide failover in the event of a manmade or natural catastrophe. This process is often performed by a third party.

How is DR different from a regular backup?

Traditional backup allows you to flexibly manage your RPO – since you have numerous copies of your data, you are able to decide to what state in the past you want to recover. Disaster recovery doesn’t give you that RPO choices, but dramatically improves your RTO. With DR protection enabled you can get your fully functional, tested system back up and running in minutes.

Disaster recovery with a few clicks

Add and configure a cloud-based recovery server with just a few clicks using the intuitive web console.

Should I test my disaster recovery plan?

The success of your disaster recovery plan depends on preparedness of people and processes as much as the backup tools used. Ideally, you should test your disaster recovery procedures every 3 months (but no less than once a year). Do not forget to amend and extend your disaster recovery plan during and after these exercises.

How safe is my data in your datacenters?

Acronis Data Centers are Tier-IV designed. Acronis Data Centers are equipped with UPS and backup diesel-generators and are designed to ensure constant power availability during indefinite power outages. In addition, there are redundant HVAC, network and UPS systems. With 99.995% availability, Tier-IV is the highest availability level for any data center on the planet. Acronis Data Centers are SSAE-18 certified. Acronis Data Centers are extremely safe Physical safety and security is ensured via high fences, 24×7 security personnel, and video surveillance with 90-day archiving. Biometric hand-geometry scan and proximity key cards are required for access.

Pay-per-use pricing & billing

Reduce costs by paying only for the servers you are protecting, only when you need protection.

Managed cloud recovery site

Leverage the full cloud infrastructure with the ability to failover to and run machines in the cloud.

Supported Environments for Disaster Recovery

  • Windows

  • Linux

  • VMware vSphere

  • Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Oracle x86 VM Server

  • Linux KVM

  • Citrix XenServer

  • Red Hat Virtualization

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Active Directory

  • SQL Server

  • Sharepoint

Why you need it?

ENABLE Business continuity with 15-minute RTO and guaranteed SLAs

REDUCE Downtime from days to minutes and seconds

CONSOLIDATE Costs with backup and disaster recovery in one solution

ELIMINATE Risks with periodic DR testing, and 24x7x365 white-glove support

PROTECT Your entire infrastructure with broad platform support


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