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We are a team of highly devoted, enthusiastic people who appreciate the provision of quality and unique IT solutions and services.

We have set up CryptexSoft to debunk the myths that surround cyber security. We now work with scale-up and SME businesses to give them the appropriate, proportionate and flexible systems they need.

There is no complete technical solution to keeping systems cyber-safe. Robust cyber security response is born out of a mix of planning, appropriate software and systems, staff training and sufficient resources to monitor, evaluate and respond to threats.

We understand that businesses have finite budgets and that projects to keep business critical systems, data and services safe don’t have to break the bank. And, that if the worst should happen, calm heads and a considered response should rule the day.

We know from experience that all the expensive software in the world won’t keep businesses safe unless there are resources in place to monitor, evaluate and respond to threats.

We believe that pragmatism and practicality should rule the day. That’s why we work with our clients to put clear baselines in place and then build strategy, process, systems and staff knowledge that close security gaps.

Quite simply, we give our clients cost-effective, robust cyber security protection that can grow with their business.

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