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All your feedback about our store https://store.cryptexsoft.com are Welcome. You can send any comments, ideas, notes, messages, suggestions, remarks, in order to improve the services at [email protected].

All that communications sent to us shall stay to us and can be used by us in any manner, including reproducing, disclosing, and publishing, without compensation to you.

For any further questions or complaints regarding violations of this Agreement, please contact us at [email protected].



Cryptexsoft IT Services – Katsianoudis G. Charalampos Sole Proprietorship  is a Sole Proprietorship Company which has its head offices at Apostolou Pavlou 30,Thessaloniki, Greece., VAT Number EL062859276 and is a company of rendering cloud services and IT services to customers through its marketplace https://store.cryptexsoft.com  that belongs to “Cryptexsoft PC “. The terms of use are governed by European law and the laws of International Trade. Any dispute shall be settled under the jurisdiction of the courts of Thessaloniki, Greece. If any of these provisions is held to be unenforceable or excessive, the remaining terms of use of this page and conditions of privacy remain in full force.

Cryptexsoft provide access to a variety of cloud services and internet services through this website https://store.cryptexsoft.com subject to the following terms and conditions. Cryptexsoft IT Services reserves the right to revise these terms, conditions, and the services from time to time as Cryptexsoft IT Services sees fit, without any notice. Users who violate these terms and conditions will have their access cancelled and may be permanently banned from using the Site or any services provided by Cryptexsoft IT Services. Users should check these terms and conditions periodically. By using the Site after we post changes to these terms and conditions, you agree to accept those changes, whether or not you have actually reviewed them.

Conditions / Definitions / Clarifications

By registering, the user entitles and give his consent to Cryptexsoft IT Services to keep, process, save your personal data. Simultaneously you have the right to ask at any time to be informed by Cryptexsoft IT Services for your data, to modify them or to delete them.

Cryptexsoft IT Services does not claim ownership of the information you may place on the Site and shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such information. Unless otherwise stated herein, or in Cryptexsoft IT Services Privacy Policy, any information you provide in connection with this Site shall be deemed to be provided on a non-confidential basis.

While Cryptexsoft IT Services does not routinely monitor information, we reserve the right to monitor, restrict access to, edit, or remove any information that is available via the Site.

Customer account is the profile that is created for each customer / user from the automated system of the Cryptexsoft IT Services.

The user upon his registration, declares that the information provided by him is true and accurate and he is obliged to update his account profile with the new information.

By registering and using this Website, the user agrees, accepts and consents to abide by these terms and conditions and is bound by them and any changes/amends of any technical support contract and private policy the user chooses. In case that the user does not agree to abide by these terms and conditions, any use or access to this Site is prohibited otherwise he is be liable to compensate Cryptexsoft IT Services.

The user of the services of Cryptexsoft IT Services is solely responsible for any misuse of the services has been offered, based on the username and password, he has chosen during his registration. Indicatively he is obliged not to interfere with the operation of the Services of Cryptexsoft IT Services or not trying to gain access to it, using a different method against the instructions that has received from the Cryptexsoft IT Services.

When registrating the user declares expressly and unreservedly that he provides the right to Cryptexsoft IT Services to send to his registration email any kind of information about his account.

Cryptexsoft IT Services is not responsible for the use of its services, which arises from the loss of these unique password by the user.

Any use of the services offered by the Cryptexsoft IT Services by the user, automatically implies unconditional acceptance of these terms and the acceptance of supporting terms from the user.

Cryptexsoft IT Services reserves the right to amend the terms of use, with a prior notice to the user. For the services of Cryptexsoft IT Services may apply additional conditions or requirement of services, which will be available with the relevant Services and will be an integral part of this Agreement, in case that the user uses these services. The user after receiving the notification, must visit the term of use and read them carefully. Continuance use of the services of Cryptexsoft IT Services by the user, implies the unconditional acceptance of these. Otherwise the user is obliged to cease using the services.

Cryptexsoft IT Services reserves the right, in order to improve its services to add or remove elements or functions, or to suspend or terminate fully a Service.

Continuance use of the service by the user of Cryptexsoft IT Services, after any such change, implies full and unreserved acceptance of them, the absolute commitment from the user to any term and the user’s obligation to comply with the terms, conditions, services and price list, as they have changed. If there is a conflict between these terms and additional terms, additional terms prevail. The changes related to specific functions of a new service, prices or changes made for legal reasons will be in effect immediately. If the user does not agree to the amended terms of use or service, or prices, he must stop using the service, otherwise he is considered to accept unconditionally all the above.

Cryptexsoft IT Services reserves at any time, without prior notice of the user, the right to assign its rights from this or any other agreement that is an entity, to any third party without the consent of the user.

The use of Cryptexsoft IT Services in no way provides the user with ownership of any intellectual property rights regarding the Services or the content which accesses. The use of such content from the Services by the user is expressly prohibited and also the user does not have the right to use any marks or logos being used in the Services of Cryptexsoft IT Services, otherwise he is liable to compensation. All trademarks, service marks and logos displayed on this Site (the “Trademarks”) are registered and unregistered trademarks of Cryptexsoft IT Services or its subsidiary companies and the user does not have the right to reproduce, display or use in any other way any Trademark without the prior written permission of Cryptexsoft IT Services, otherwise he is liable to compensation.

If necessary Cryptexsoft IT Services may perform scheduled or emergency repairs or maintenance or remotely repairing or upgrading of its software in relation to the rendering of its services to the user, which may cause a temporary deterioration of the services and could result to a partial or complete interruption of the website https://store.cryptexsoft.com Any degradation or interruption of the Site or the Services https://store.cryptexsoft.com during such maintenance does not allow a refund or credit of any sums paid by the user nor provides any user the right to compensation.

The overall responsibility of Cryptexsoft IT Services for any claim of the user under these terms, is limited to the amount paid by the user for the use of this service and only this. In all other cases Cryptexsoft IT Services is not responsible for any damage or loss of the user that is not reasonably anticipated.

All these terms and conditions together with any contract for technical support (support package) choosen by the user, the privacy policy and terms of use of support , constitute a single legally binding contract between Cryptexsoft IT Services and the user and constitute the entire agreement between him and Cryptexsoft IT Services, regarding the access of the user to this site and the use of it. Therefore the user accepts unreservedly that all the above conditions and agreements and any amendments thereto, are binding for all the services being purchased from the time of his registration to the website https://store.cryptexsoft.com

In the event that any provision of the Terms of Use, of any contract for technical support (support package), the privacy policy and terms of use of support , as amended and are in force, becomes void or unenforceable, then that provision will be deleted or amended to the extent that is necessary to comply with applicable laws and all other Terms will remain in full force and continue to be binding and enforceable. Should the user violate any condition of use terms of any contract for technical support (support package), the privacy policy and terms of use support (support), as being amended and are in effect, Cryptexsoft IT Services reserves the right to stop the use of the services without judicial intervention and without prior notice of the user and not withstanding its right to claim any damages that has suffered by the cause.

The resignation of Cryptexsoft IT Services from its rights due to the violation of all agreements or the delay to exercise any of its rights under this Agreement or the inability to force the user to fulfill some of its obligations, does not implies the renunciation of its rights.

Cryptexsoft IT Services reserves the right to change the price list.

Shared Hosting Services

The user is obliged NOT to use the Shared Hosting Space for:

  • Any content which is illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting, irritating, sycophantic derogatory, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, constitutes a violation of someone else’s privacy, shows solidarity, or expresses racial, national or other distinctions, or for sending, publishing via email or transmission of such content to others.
  • Harming underage people in any way
  • Sending, publishing or transmitting via any way any kind of content for which they do not have rights of transmission according to legislation or contracted or administrative relations (like internal information, owner and confidential information gained or exposed as part of work relations or covered in confidentiality agreements.)
  • Sending, publishing or transmitting via any way any kind of content which violates any patent, trade label, trade secret, copyright or other ownership third party rights.
  • Sending, publishing or transmitting via any way any kind of content which contains software viruses or other codes, files or applications designed with causing harm in mind, the destruction or tackling of function of any software or hardware.
  • Willful and unwilful violation of the standing legislature or its terms of use or privacy policy
  • Harassment of third parties in any way.
  • Illegal gathering or storage of other user’s private data.
  • Penetration of any network, spawning, port scans, ping floods, packet spoofing, forging router information, denial of service attacks, sniffers, flooding, spoofing, ping bombing, smurfs, winnuke, teardrop, publishing viruses, chat rooms, Internet Relay Chat, IRC bots (like eggdrop), PhpShell and other similar applications, the audio, radio and video streaming and the uploading of files on the server for the purposes of public downloading, particularly in cases when it majorly strains the available network resources, is forbidden. Any activity, regardless if leading to loss or data, shall be investigated and proper action will follow.
  • Available Shared Hosting resources are meant solely for use inside customer accounts. The distribution of such resources for any manner in third party sites in any form, including but not limited to sourcing graphics or texts from third party sites found in Company servers, application execution, banner exchange programs is forbidden.
  • Non-authorized background processes or authorized background processes which expose Cryptexsoft IT Services or Customer Shared Hosting Space safety to danger, shall lead to the cessation or even the termination of the Customer account.
  • Creating issues in the provision of Shared Hosting services to other customers placed in the same server, Cryptexsoft IT Services has the right to immediately and without warning to disable access to the customer’s control panel.

Customer agrees to:

  • To have access to Contro Panel, only via Cryptexsoft Dedicated IP’s and only after Cryptexsoft IT Services verify their identity
  • Accees to FIREWALL will have only Cryptexsoft It Services personell. In case customer wants a specific port to be activated, customer must send request in order Cryptexsoft IT Services to investigate and examine if this will be harmfull or not. Port will be activated ONLY after Cryptexsoft It Services verify the ZERO harmfull to Shared Hosting Plans and that NO violation to legislatios is made
  • Build their websites in such a way where overloading Cryptexsoft IT Services servers is avoided, restricting the use of code and application demanding heavy processing power or make excessive use of resources (CPU, Disk IO, RAM). The above resources the customer is using in a shared hosting plan are not included in the unmetered part. Specific prices are provided according to the service and the server on which the Customer plan is hosted. Databases hosted on our services are governed by proper use policy and may not exceed 300MB (MySQL) and 1GB (MSSQL) so as to not cause performance issues on the server from misappropriation of CPT, memory, or Disk I/O offered to each Customer account.
  • Not use equal or more of 25% of server resources for intervals greater than 90 seconds, not carry out acts which may cause server overload, including CGI scripts, PHP scripts, FTP, HTTP, SMTP load etc.
  • To not execute any automated process on the server.
  • To not execute any daemons and executable files of any nature which make excessive use of bandwidth, like IRCD, chat daemons, .exe, .com etc.
  • To not execute any kind of web spider or indexer (including Google Cash, AdSpy, Scrapers etc.)
  • To not execute any bit torrent applications, track or Customer. The linking or hosting of any illegal transmitted files is forbidden.
  • NOT To participate in illegal activities concerning file-sharing & peer-to-peer networks.
  • To not run any gaming server like counter-strike, half-life, battlefield1942 etc. This term does apply for Dedicated Servers.
  • To not execute cron tasks & schedule tasks at intervals of less than 15 minutes or in a way which can cause server overload.
  • To not use script for the call of any non-local file. The call of any file or URL in a remote server must be noted to Cryptexsoft IT Services when in regards shared hosting plans. The Company has the right to forbid something such without notifying the customer.
  • NOT to upload, download, or use the space provided for anything else but files which have immediate relation to what is necessary for the running of their website.
  • Monitor the volume of space they are taking up, as well as the other account users in Cryptexsoft IT Services hard disks, so as not go over set limits. In case of the space taken up going over said limits, Cryptexsoft IT Services maintains the right to charge customer for use of additional resources and also maintains the right to delete files to restore the used volume within accepted limits.
  • Make sure their code and applications installed in the account are safe and the rights of the directories and files are correct, regardless from the manner the installation was made. It is a Customer’s responsibility to assure the reliability of their code, apply all safety instructions and be certain in applying the proper levels of access to files and directories of their services. The Customer is responsible for all actions undertaken in their account.
  • Cryptexsoft IT Services, for safety reasons to ask for a change in password at regular intervals.
  • NOT to sell their Shared Hosting Plans to third parties.

Cryptexsoft IT Services has the power to TERMINATE provision of service or DELETE CONTENT loacated on the provided server, in case of violation on any of the above or in case this content is against any legislature in regards to copyright, is copied, is of pornographic, racist or piratical nature (hacking, pirate software, warez sites, serial numbers), concerns the narcotics trade, the effort of illegal penetration on a PC or is against any other law. In such scenarios, Cryptexsoft IT Services has the right, without warning to mmediately delete, suspend or even terminate the customer account without any responsibility for damages that may be incurred on the customer or third parties.

Any violation of the above automatically gives the right to Cryptexsoft IT Services to TERMINATE without any further notification the Shared Hosting Service of the ciustomer. In that case customer will have NO RIGHTS to ask for REFUND. In that case Cryptexsoft IT Services, preserves the right to put charges to the customer for any loss that may come up to Cryptexsoft IT Services, arising from this violation.

Users Restrictions / Obligations

The user is obliged to use the services only according to the law, as it is in force at any time. Cryptexsoft IT Services reserves the right to suspend or stop the rendering its services in case that the user does not comply with the conditions or policies, or in case that Cryptexsoft IT Services discovers any suspicious activity of misuse by the user. At the same time Cryptexsoft IT Services reserves the right to seek any sort of compensation that has been suffered from this cause.

User must always keep the passord safe. In the event of any loss or damage that may result from the incorrect operation of the service, based on the codes, Cryptexsoft IT Services is entitled, automatically and without judicial mediation to terminate the service to this user without paying any compensation to him.

Cryptexsoft IT Services reserves the right to terminate or suspend the operation of the Services or the access of the customer or any user access to the software provided by Cryptexsoft IT Services in connection with the rendering of the Services, in case that Cryptexsoft IT Services has the obligation to so (1) where required by law, (2) upon a judgment of a competent court or (3) when Cryptexsoft IT Services has well – grounds reasons to believe that the user is involved in any fraud or other illegal activity in connection with this Agreement.